National Parks

Assateague Island Wildlife

Visitors at Assateague Island has reached more than 35 million. Part of the refuge’s mission has been “to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitat for the continuing benefit of the American people.” This includes recreational and educational activities consistent with the primary goals of protecting and managing wildlife habitat.

In the United States and worldwide, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as well as the National Park Service and other agencies under the Department of the Interior, play an important role in conserving migratory birds and protecting and restoring animals, marine species and plants. These agencies work together to enforce Federal wildlife laws that protect migratory birds, endangered species, and marine mammals. The Fish & Wildlife Service uses a variety of habitat management practices to restore fisheries that have been depleted by overfishing, and fisheries that are in danger of extinction. The Fish & Wildlife Service also works with farmers and agriculture agencies to restore and conserve wetlands on private lands.